Auditor General’s Message


It is indeed an honour and a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to welcome you all to our newly launched website for the Office of the Auditor General of Uganda.

The Office of the Auditor General is the Supreme Audit Institution of Uganda. Its history can be traced back to the 1900, when it was an extension of the Directorate of the Colonial Audit Office based in the United Kingdom. In 1929 the Office was established in Uganda and headed by an Auditor.

During the last decade Uganda has experienced significant changes that have had a profound impact on all spheres of human endeavour. Some of the new developments which have taken place during this period are

(i) the enactment of the 1995 Constitution and related financial legislation,

(ii) significant economic growth and development, and

(iii) a noticeable drive for the improvement of service delivery by Government.

The 1995 Constitution established the Office of the Auditor General as a public Office and outlined the mandate of the Auditor General. This mandate entails the need to provide the necessary fiduciary assurance to Parliament, on the stewardship by Government in its management of the public funds and resources of Uganda. Change has been a predominate feature in the reforms which have taken place.

Our Office has recognised the dynamic nature of Government, and has constantly adapted in order to remain in consonance with those changes. A recent development has been to link our Office to the Ministry of Finance through an information-sharing network. The Office also recognises the ongoing reforms and development in the Ministry of Finance in respect of an Integrated Financial Management System and has braced itself, yet again, to meet the new challenges, which the system will bring. If government were static then audit would be a straightforward procedure.

During the last decade, the significant economic growth and developments initiatives undertaken by government, coupled with the marked improvements in service delivery have to a large extent been characterised by an equally marked increase in the use and adoption of modern I.T. facilities.

I believe and trust that this newly launched website for our office will facilitate the information sharing process both internally and externally with all stakeholders on a national and international platform. The launching of this website marks yet another new development which the Office is continually undertaking to keep abreast with its environment.