Organisation Structure


OAG Macro Strucutre

OAG Macro Strucutre

The macro structure of the OAG comprises of the Auditor General who is the head as stipulated in the law, deputized by the Assistant Auditor General who is the technical coordinator of the Audit Directorates, Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is the head of the Corporate Division of the OAG and also the Accounting Officer, four Technical Audit Directorates, four Departments under Support Services, and three specialized units.

In order to efficiently and effectively carry out the mandate, four Technical Departments were established; Directorate of Audit – Central Government 1 (69 staff), Directorate of Audit – Central Government 2 (69 staff), Directorate of Local Governments (224 staff) and Directorate of Audit Value For Money and Special Audits / Forensic and IT Audit (48 staff).

The 2 Directorates under Central Government conduct financial audit in approximately 135 entities currently grouped in 16 Sectors of Government. The Directorate of Local Government conducts financial audit in respect of Local Governments. The Directorate of Audit VFM and Special Audits conducts VFM, special and IT audits.

To strengthen the administrative wing of the office, four Departments of Human Resource Management and Development, Technical Support Services, Information Technology, and Finance and Administration were established under Corporate Services which is headed by the Chief Operating Officer and deputized by the Director / Corporate Support Executive .  In addition to these Departments there are three specialized units of Procurement, Legal and Internal Audit. The total number of staff in Corporate Services is 71.