Local Authorities clears 1189 Lower Local Government Backlog Reports

The Directorate of Local Authorities has received a total of 1189 lower Local Government reports following the conclusion of the audit exercise by the consultants contracted to clear 2015/16 and 2016/17 backlog an initiative funded under Governance, Accountability, Participation and Performance (GAPP) Program.

Director of Audit Mr. Stephen Katerega who represented the Assistant Auditor General-Audit at the handover meeting last Thursday, thanked the consultants for delivering on the assignment.

“We are satisfied with the work done by the consultants. I wish the partnership continues” Mr. Katerega said.

Mr. Katerega also appreciated GAPP Program which was represented by Mr. Albert Oduman and requested for the extension of support to OAG to clear the backlog of 800 reports for 2017/18.

The Assistant Director Local Authorities Mr. Fredrick Akyaire who was the contracts manager said the consultants met all their exceptions.

Dr. Albert Otete the lead consultant thanked the Auditor General for entrusting them with the assignment. He further remarked that they will be happy to hear that parliament has discussed the reports and the accounting officers held accountable.